Ankoku eiyû-den 1991

When the boss of a highly profitable Triad family is forced to flee from Hong Kong, rival gangs swoop in to steal any piece of the action they can. Koo becomes the family's new boss and ...

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  • HK: Chung gik tin ji moon sang Chung gik tin ji moon sang
  • HK: Chong ji tian zi men sheng Chong ji tian zi men sheng
  • TW: Xiang Gang jiao fu Xiang Gang jiao fu
  • US: The Godfather Squad The Godfather Squad
  • US: Godfathers of Hong Kong Godfathers of Hong Kong
  • HK: Hong Kong Godfather Hong Kong Godfather
  • : Tian zi men sheng Tian zi men sheng
Directed by Cheuk-Wing Ho show all movies of Cheuk-Wing Ho
Artists Roy Cheung
as Inspector Leung Chun Bong
Fong Pau
as (as Fang Bao)
Release date 12 Sep 1991
Genre Action Crime Thriller
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