Et vive la liberté! 1978

Their feats of arms in Africa are worth to Phil, Jeannot and Gerard to be sent on a special mission in Algeria. Held captive by the Fellaghas, they manage to escape and are congratulated.

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  • FR: Et vive la liberté! Et vive la liberté!
  • CZ: Bazanti a cizinecká legie Bazanti a cizinecká legie
  • GR: Oi 4 Charlot stin erimo Oi 4 Charlot stin erimo
  • GR: Kai zito i eleftheria Kai zito i eleftheria
  • PT: E Viva a Liberdade! E Viva a Liberdade!
  • FR: Die Trottel der Legion Die Trottel der Legion
  • FR: And Long Live Liberty And Long Live Liberty
Directed by Serge Korber show all movies of Serge Korber
Release date 01 Feb 1978
Genre Comedy
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