Les Charlots contre Dracula 1980

As a child, Count Dracula's son wants to drink the potion that will allow him to get his vampire powers. But his mother forbids him, fearing that he will become like his dead father.

All Titles
  • FR: Les Charlots contre Dracula Les Charlots contre Dracula
  • CZ: Bazanti kontra Dracula Bazanti kontra Dracula
  • IT: 5 matti contro Dracula 5 matti contro Dracula
  • PK: The Crazy Boys vs. Dracula The Crazy Boys vs. Dracula
  • PT: Les Charlots Contra Drácula Les Charlots Contra Drácula
  • TR: Charlots'lar Drakula'ya Karsi Charlots'lar Drakula'ya Karsi
Directed by Jean-Pierre Desagnat,Jean-Pierre Vergne show all movies of Jean-Pierre Desagnat,Jean-Pierre Vergne
Artists Eugène Berthier
as L'homme qui se rase
Release date 17 Dec 1980
Genre Comedy
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